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Submit Your Web Address To The Internet's Search Sites! Search Site Submission was one of the first companies on the Internet to help websites get found on search sites.

Get your website recognized by the leading search sites with a subscription to's Search Site Submission Service. Successful inclusion in search sites involves more than just a one-time advisory to them that you have a website It also involves building in-bound links (IBLs) to a properly build website. subtly builds in-bound links (IBLs) to a level not commonly obtained. Keep in mind that good content, page indexing, etc. is the purview of your web designer.

What Does For You's job is to let the World Wide Web know your website exists and help build your online reputation. This is a simple effort that differs from those organizations that claim they can carry out all kinds of promotional magic on your behalf. will: Search Site Submission ServiceSubmit your web address/URL to major directories such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Search Site Submission ServiceSubmit your web address/URL once a month to over 1,000 qualified search sites and directories therefore, building in-bound links (IBLs). Search Site Submission ServiceDeal with all of the confirmation spam that accompanies the search submission process.

Note that depending on the search resource, it can take anywhere from 12 hours to six weeks for your site to be listed. Also please remember that "submitting/listing" does not guarantee "placement". The placement success of your URL will hinge directly on the quality and design of your web site. It is also up to the policies and algorithmic whims of the search engines and directories. On average, it has been our experience that when a fully tuned and properly functioning site is submitted, about 75% of the search engines, directories and Link Page’s that we submit to will list your URL. - Search Site Submission Only $250 Per Year
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Search Site Submission | About Us

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